Last Updated on March 1st, 2021

Further Details of Work Experience

  • From 1964 till 1966 received field experience in Hydrological Investigations and also in Traffic Engineering Surveys, Assignments and Designs
  • From 1966 till 1970 received Research experience in Hydraulic Engineering
  • From 1970 till 2007 received considerable experience in Teaching & Research on Civil Engineering Hydraulics and Traffic Engineering to undergraduate and Post Graduate students
  • From 1974 till 1983 involved in Engineering Education, Administration both as the Head of the Department of Civil Engineering and also as the Dean Faculty of Engineering, University of Moratuwa
  • From 1984 till 1988 experience in the Coordination of the establishment of the Technician Training Institute, by obtaining needs of industry, preparing Curricula, ordering equipment, recruiting the Executive and Teaching staff.  All this establishment work was done with the assistance of short term International and National Consultants as the National Project Coordinator
  • From 1985 till 1994 as Vice Chancellor of The Open University of Sri Lanka functioning as the Executive and Academic Head of the University involved in the development of open and distance education in Sri Lanka
  • From 1990 till 1994 and from 2010 till 2014 the Chairman, Tertiary & Vocational Education Commission, involved in the registering, monitoring and evaluating Tertiary Educational Institutes, courses and qualifications.
  • From 1995 till 1998 the Chairman of the Institute for Construction Training and Development, involved in the development of the Construction Industry and facilitating training of personnel from craft level to post-graduate level through various organisations. Also involved in the introduction of the concept of National Vocational Competence Qualifications in Sri Lanka in 1997, initially for the construction sector and chaired the Steering Committee in drafting of the Construction bill for Sri Lanka.
  • From 1999 till 2005 functioned as the Chief Executive Officer of the University of Moratuwa with a mission to make it an internationally recognised centre of excellence in teaching, research, consultancy and other professional activities in engineering, architecture and allied professional fields by creating an environment conducive to nurturing the inquiring mind and developing skills for a diversity of challenges and thus to be a leader in contributing for sustainable, scientific, technological, social and economic development of Sri Lanka
  • From April 2004 till May 2005, the Secretary of the Ministry of Skills Development, Vocational & Technical Education functioned as the Chief Accountant Officer of the Ministry. Initiated Reforms, Rationalisation and Standardisation of Vocational and Technical Education, including the development of National Vocational Qualification and the University of Vocational Technology.
  • From June 2005 till October 2007 involved in Modernization of Distance Education through online Technologies, to reach the masses for Tertiary Education upto diploma and degree level programmes.
  • Since October 2007 involved  in the development of Technical Education, development of the University of Vocational Technology, National Career Guidance System  and the NVQ system.
  • Since 2008, Honorary Advisor, Establishment of Local and Overseas Private and Public Sector Tertiary Education systems
  • Serve in University Grants Commission appointed Panels on Institutional Reviews of Universities and also on the Evaluation of Degree Awarding Status of  Institutes
  • As the Country Representative for ICE in Sri Lanka, collaborated with other Professional bodies, Establishing and continuing Cooperation Programme with Local Institution, had Career Guidance of alternate Routes for Membership by having Seminars, establishing Virtual Provincial Centers , Liaison with Civil Engineering departments in Universities and other Tertiary Education institutes, promoting and guiding the establishment and continuing of the Student Chapter, identifying suitable Mentors and recommending them, identifying possible Local and foreign Professional Reviewers, encouraging candidates for Professional Reviews, submitting Budget proposals to ICE and submitting Annual statement of Accounts.